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Friday, 29 October 2010

mira mama sin manos !

it was daaarrrk when i got to 'look mum no hands' this morning
i was so early that i didn't even have to pay for parking my car around the corner.

i sat down in the corner with a flat white

i looked up at the new display on the wall
wow ! bike handlebar things mounted to look like antlers. outstanding !

i got up to have a better look
very nice indeed.

it was a display by a company called gropes
i guess they make the leather grippy things.

in the tube bits of the handlebars are little corks with a 'g' on them
fair play to these gropes characters. the handlebars look really sweet.

this set or pair or whatever was my favourite
buttersoft brown leather with bright yellow stitching

amazing quality and attention to detail.
as you may have noticed, i know nothing about bikes... but i really wanted to buy these handlebars. i fancy displaying them in the hallway at whitfield towers and using them to hang jackets and hats from.

what ?

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