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Thursday, 7 October 2010

walking in porto

we went for a walk in the grounds of an art gallery.

mrs w was rocking her marc jacobs clutch and some onitsuka tigers
i know you think i'm bad for trainer collecting but i reckon mrs w has about a dozen pairs
of onitsuka tigers.

er, anyway... the walk was good.
( heaps of students about though )

i didn't take many photos i'm afraid, as i was feeling a bit ropey.
the local chemists refused to fix me up with any vicodin but they did let me have
some of these bad boys...
diclofenac... hmmm... they sound a bit welsh.
anyway, they perked me up a bit and i carried on bravely with the walk
taking the odd photo and muttering under my breath about the students that 
were everywhere.

this was my favourite shot from the walk
i do like a bit of symmetry.

then it was time for the tram back to the city centre and a cheeky coffee.

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