snapshots and observations

Monday, 25 October 2010

the drapers arms

i skulked over to the drapers arms on sunday afternoon.

i sat in the corner by the window so i'd have a little bit of daylight...
to photograph my pint.

i very much liked the windows...

but wasn't too keen on my snack
it was advertised as a 'manchester egg'
on enquiring about it i was told it was like a scotch egg but with black pudding.

it was a bit ropey to be honest.

still, if you want a nice quiet stylish boozer in islington, i would seriously recommend it.
i've eaten there before and the food was very good. it's a big pub with a garden and 
a nicely designed interior. the staff seem very friendly too.


  1. That looks like an unlicensed Manchester Egg to me. I'm flattered they've had a go, but seriously, they should get in touch to get the right bloody recipe!

    I'm Ben, I invented it, it'd be great to have it available in London, but it must be done right!

  2. unbelievable !
    i thought you were joking but i just checked out your website.
    i will return to the drapers arms and take some more photos to show you what the grizzly inside of the unlicensed snack looks like.
    nice one ben.
    good luck... ( i'm from warrington by the way )