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Sunday, 7 July 2013

a few odd shots for sunday 7th july

do you ever use the panoramic feature on your iphone ?

i did this effort last weekend at lyme regis harbour
i reckon it's quite a good feature. maybe one i'll flog to death this summer.

i saw these lads last sunday at wilton house
if you're ever near salisbury i would definitely recommend a visit. 
it's a great house and full of corking art and photos.
amazing gardens too

this is a photoshopped effort
originally it had rio ferdinand's name printed in yellow at the bottom.
but i'm not a fan of rio ferdinand, nor do i believe for one minute he
actually came up with that phrase himself
( it's more or less a lift from 'field of dreams' right ? )
so i removed his name and put my own in using a few letters from above
and making the 'k' myself.

talking of photoshop
it's a long story, but stay tuned for big sock news soon.

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