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Sunday, 21 July 2013

more interiors

today some more interiors of mine and a few more words of wisdom
to accompany them...

ok, mainly coffee-based memories

this is not at all the photo of this restaurant that the magazine wanted.
for one thing, it only shows one table.
mainly magazines that i shoot for want to see wide interiors showing as many tables
as possible and giving a great view of the room.

but i always try to take a few photos for myself ( and of myself )
and this is one that i liked.

this is another photo i did for myself, though i did include it in my edit for the magazine.
sometimes it's not just about the room for a restaurant review.
for certain places it's almost more about the view.
i don't think this place got a good write-up, but it did have cracking views.
( and they made me a coffee while i waited for the tables to be set )

i remember a couple of things about this place.
1. i photographed it the day after i got home from capri
2. they didn't offer me a coffee

a japanese place in the city.
i photographed this place a couple of times for different clients.
i don't think they did coffee here. i certainly remember going to a little
place a few minutes away to grab one though.
er, anyway... it's a nice looking joint, right ?

no lie but i have photographed this place maybe 6 or 7 times over the years.
i think the staff were mainly french.
they didn't offer me a coffee.

this was in the city.
the restaurant is on the left, the other side of the screen. the main bit of this pic 
is the chef's table. do you like a chef's table thing ?
isn't it tricky wondering if you should watch them working ?
trying to avoid eye contact and all that ?

just me then.

these people made me two coffees.

can i just say "grrrr !"
i have  story about this place.
it's not a good one.

i shot this place a week after the grrr ! episode at the previous place.
let's just say i was using a loan camera here with a new £750 viewfinder.

i think the chef at this place was 12 years old or something...
a young genius chef anyway.

they made me a coffee on arrival, plus i had lunch here afterwards.

this place had the best music playing out of any restaurant i can remember shooting.
i think i had to use shazam maybe 6 or 7 times during the hour or so i was working here.
the lady who looked after me was not only very, very friendly and helpful...
but she made me two coffees.
oh and i debuted my supreme camo af-1's on this shoot.

ok, last pic for today.
my main memory of this place is that i'd just met the boss for a coffee before i 
came here. then as soon as i walked in they offered me a coffee.
it was a good day.

i hope you like my interiors pics.
sorry for rattling on about coffee rather than the interiors themselves.
if you have any questions, please comment and i'll try to answer.

more tomorrow.

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