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Sunday, 14 July 2013

old photos

it's hot today.
too hot to blog ?

what a feeble excuse.

but seriously, i can't be bothered editing any pics, re-sizing them
and writing nonsense about them.
so for today, here are some old pics in my blog folder.

a self-portrait in a pub in the sticks somewhere.

i was wearing a bape t-shirt, marc jacobs trousers and 
black camo af-1 downtowns.

it's all about that carpet though.

nike acg x af-1's
i need to show you some close-up pics of these, as i need to do with a lot
of sneakers i've added this year. they have some nice details, especially
the stitching on the tongues.

i've had this photo kicking around for months.
i think i showed you a similar shot with me surrounded by my af-1's.
as you can see, this is me with a load of converse.

there's the schoeller waterproof pair at the top. then the knitted chucks,
year of the snake pro-leathers, harris tweed asia only editions,
four pairs of missoni colllabs, stussy chucks, some jack purcells
with beautiful materials, skate chucks and 1970's chucks.

i need to work on my pose next time i do this type of shot though.
it's the shoulders isn't it ?

oh well. enjoy the heat.

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