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Saturday, 20 July 2013


ok. maybe i should take a break from all these self-portraits
and show you some examples of my work ?

here are a few interiors i shot for a magazine over the past months.
if i can think of anything interesting to comment on them...

... i'd be very much surprised.

what can i say ?
this is a very cool looking restaurant. lots and lots of space.
very stylish, very nice staff ( they made me a coffee while i was there )
and the chef is not only a genius, but he's a very nice bloke.

i think this place has closed down. it was just a pop-up restaurant, open
for a little while. i remember one of the lads who worked there was from bolton
and was living in london for the duration of the pop-up and was very much
enjoying london life compared with bolton life.
( and he made me a coffee )

sometimes when i photograph a restaurant it's tricky to work out the best
angle to shoot from. obviously i shoot from all angles, all corners and give
the magazine a good few options, but it's often difficult to predict which shot they
will use.

some times, as in the venue above, it's obvious straight away which is the killer view
and which shot the magazine will publish.
on that shoot, after the first frame i more or less just took photos for the sake of it
( and stared at the coffee machine )

my friend the boss works for this place.
( they always make me a coffee )

this is in my favourite street in london.
there's quite a waiting list to get a table here.
( they made me a coffee straight away when i arrived for the shoot )

this was the second time i'd been asked to shoot this restaurant over the years.
it must be a decent place i guess.
the manager here recognised me from when i photographed the previous
restaurant that he worked at.
( and he made me a coffee )

although this was in south london, the people who worked here were very friendly.
in fact most of them were spanish.
the owner came over and had a chat with me before my shoot
( and ordered us up a couple of coffees )

this was just a boozer in the middle of nowhere, but say 45 minutes from newcastle.
i think it was the gastropub of the year in 2012.
the menu looked really good but i didn't have time to stay for a meal
( though i did find time to drink a coffee as i was working )

do you want to see more interiors tomorrow ?

or more self-portraits ?

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