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Friday, 12 July 2013

iphone friday

iphone friday is back.

here are some examples of what i've seen during the last 7 days

mrs w doing her best impression of kerry katona at the bull and last.

my beer of choice at the bull and last.
you can only imagine how irritating i'm finding that bottom left corner.
round tables eh ?

in fairness the level of irritation is not as high as that suffered by mrs w
in the first pic as i took way too long trying to line up the magazine
and keep both it and my iphone steady while giggling like a schoolgirl.

who does this remind me of ?

a cakey i got in w1 last week.
as a sneaky competition question.
what do i think this cake is good for ?

yes i am that vain.
new cutlery bought. self-portrait done.

it's been el scorchio this week in n7.
most evenings i've gone up to the roof to enjoy the views and to 
think about socks.

the view from the roof looking south from whitfield towers

talking of heat.
these bad boys arrived from japan this week.

yesterday's breakfast.
what we're looking at here is blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, grapes and a banana.
some greek yoghurt was slopped on top and then some italian honey wazzed all
over the place ( including the kitchen surface and my germans )

a flat white i made yesterday.
getting there... slowly.

trousers by marc jacobs.
socks by aape.
shoes by fragment design x cole haan.

and finally...
the reason i'm so late editing a furniture shot last week is because i've spent
so much time looking at some self-portraits i did towards the end of the shoot.

but you know how it is.

learning to love yourself,
is the greatest love of all.

have a great weekend everybody.

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