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Monday, 29 July 2013

h.l.b and me

a week or so ago i met up for a coffee and a chat with fellow photographer h.l.b.

we had camera business to attend to but afterwards we did a quick couple of portraits 
of each other.

first off here's the first frame i did of h.l.b.
prada, moschino, nike and tattoos.
good stuff.

next a closer shot
she's not welsh by the way.
i did ask.

and finally, my favourite of the five frames i took
what do you reckon ?
is she laughing with me or at me ?

i took 5 frames and i think three of them are quite decent.
h.l.b. took three frames of me and i think two of them are very nice.
i use the word 'nice' quite incorrectly because the subject is me.
but i like photos of me... you know that.

here they are.

 i have no idea what's going on here.
i think she took it before i had the chance to settle into my signature
miserable look.

still, my hair was on point and i was debuting my shanghai exclusive bape 
polo shirt so it wasn't a total disaster.

once again i have no idea what my facial expression is all about.
do i look scared ? nervous ? concerned ? baffled ?
perhaps i was about to speak ?

who knows.

one thing is for certain, i won't be repeating either expression any time soon.

back to misery from now on.

thanks to h.l.b and i guess thanks to me too.

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