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Thursday, 25 July 2013


just six interiors today as i hold a few back to show you over the weekend
when i will be in god's own country and probably unable to blog.

not as bad as the place that broke my camera, but my memories of this place
are not happy ones. i had to shoot there at maybe 6.30am one morning in january.
it was snowing outside and was freezing cold. i had to park my car almost a mile away
and walk to the place carrying my cameras and tripod in my gloveless hands.

when i arrived they'd forgotten i was coming and the place was a mess.
i had to set all the tables myself. every placemat, knife, fork, spoon, glass
salt and pepper pot. all while being freezing cold and keeping one eye on the bloke
standing next to the coffee machine making coffees for the staff who were too busy
to help set up the restaurant.
when i'd set up the place i did my photography and chatted to the barista and
the manager about the magazine i was shooting for and also about coffee.

did they offer me a coffee before i left for the long walk in the snow back to my jam jar ?

did they balls.

grrr !

this was the day of mrs thatcher's funeral.
i'd just been drinking coffee at the monocle cafe with m1 and tonytwentytwentyone
so when these people kindly offered me a drink i opted for water.
guess what ?
it was llanllyr.
( welsh water )

this was one of those places where i know i don't belong.
where they call you sir and i'm biting my tongue not to call them 'mate'
this was like being in downton abbey. the people here were so nice and polite.
before my shoot they showed me to a lounge area with the most wonderful view
of the countryside and brought me a pot of coffee and some freshly made biscuits.

golden times.

i will never forget this day as long as i live.
may 1st 2013.

i think this place has one of the longest waiting lists for a table in london right now.
they offered me a coffee straight away.
richard bacon came in as i was leaving. he was their first customer of the day.
i kind of like richard bacon.
but not as much as i like bacon.

when i took this pic in a tiny village in wiltshire, i kept thinking to myself
"24 hours ago i was in beijing"
i know it's not time travel but things like that always kind of impress me.
do you like the idea of time travel by the way ?

i do.

oh, i heard richard curtis is making a new film... a kind of time travel, love story.

that's going to be epic, right ?

* reaches for coat.

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