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Friday, 26 July 2013

more interiors and tales of coffee

ok, this is the last of my interior shots for a while.
i hope you've enjoyed seeing some of what i do for a living.
after today it's back to trainers, self-portraits and coffee i'm afraid.

or maybe i'll start showing you some of my food photography ?


anyway, here we go.

hmmm... this is the same place i showed you yesterday i think.
the place i photographed on the day of mrs thatcher's funeral.

i think this is the frame the magazine printed by the way.

this tiny little place not only gave me a coffee... they gave me two coffees
and a slice of lemon drizzle cake.

this place was in manchester, in a hotel.
it was a v. peaceful place and the chef whistled over a waitress straight 
away to satisfy my coffee-based needs.

this was kind of in manchester too. or on the outskirts.
this is the place where i was joined on my traditional self-portrait by 
one of the kitchen staff.
they also made me a flat-white here.

this was in the shard. it's hard to see from this pic just how high up it was.
but guess what ?
it was only half-way up.
ay carumba !
a very friendly pr lady asked me what i wanted to drink as soon as i walked 
through the door at this place. obviously i had a coffee.

oh... this is the same place.
it's also the place where i did the black and white shots of the staff...
remember ?

ok that's your lot.

maybe some food shots next week mixed in amongst the usual nonsense.

have a good weekend.

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