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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

important af-1's, self-portrait and mr breakfast

i've had these for a few months now.
i need to show you some close-up details because they are very special.
marok editions from the 1 world pack.
a closer look at these bad boys will be posted soon.

as you know, i'm never one to shy away from a self-portrait opportunity
here's one from a couple of weeks ago.
print by verner panton.
t-shirt by a bathing ape ( a fishing ape )
hair by george's

and by popular demand, another breakfast
this was served up to me in deepest devon a week or so ago.

after hearing my mum's words echoing in my mind...
"don't play with your food"

i played with my food and...

hello mr breakfast ! how are you today ?
at least mr breakfast had ears with which to hear my greeting.
but he did appear to be a little melancholy.
though he forced a bacon smile, i could see that his eggy eyes were close to tears.

so i tucked in.

what ?

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