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Monday, 22 July 2013

and some more interiors

more interiors today, but tomorrow i'll give you a break with a photographic treat.

this was my first shoot this year.
possibly the tiniest restaurant i've ever photographed. just three tables.
though i think they put a couple of tables outside too.
sadly, they didn't offer me a coffee while i was shooting here.
it's in south london by the way.

this was in january too. in fact when i went to shoot this place i got snowed in
and had to stay the night here.
i liked it so much that i went back for a weekend break a few weeks ago.
( credit, this is the place i told you about yesterday )

also some of my mr. breakfast efforts from last week were made here.
( they gave me lots of coffees )

you get a great view eating in this place.
coincidentally i'm photographing food at this place at 1pm today

this used to be one of my favourite restaurants... design-wise i mean.
it used to look like something from the film 'barbarella'
now it's very different looking. i mean, it looks nice enough but personally
i preferred it when it looked groovy.
also when it was the previous place the staff didn't used to walk around drinking
coffee and not offer me one.

the chef at this place is a friend of mine.
not only did they give me a coffee when i shot here, but they offered me staff
breakfast too.
it's a peruvian restaurant by the way.

this restaurant was in a brand new hotel.
it looks like it doesn't it ?
the people here were very, very nice to me but sadly i think it didn't get
a good review. still... thumbs up for the coffee from me.

this is one of those restaurant above a pub efforts.
it's an absolute blinder too by all accounts.
obviously my restaurant reviews are limited to staff and beverages.
( the staff were very friendly and the coffee was good )

this was challenging.
it was a massive restaurant but they would only let me photograph this tiny section.
also there were mirrors everywhere.
still, they made me a very nice coffee and also if you could look through that window straight on, there was an absolutely cracking coffee shop there, which i went into
before and after this shoot.

this place gets outstanding reviews.
as you can see it has an open kitchen thing going on so you can see the lads working.
the head chef reminded me very much of david mitchell.
the lady who does the pr for this place knows me very well, so she had a coffee
made for me straight away and also stood aside while i did my self-portraits.

this is in the new forest somewhere.
it's one of those places that i walk into and i know i don't belong there.
do you know what i mean ? it seems like a really posh old manor house.
like bertie wooster lives there or the downton abbey family.
i get the feeling i should have entered through the staff door.
still, that's my problem really, the staff here were very friendly and didn't frown
on my trainers too much.
they also made me a coffee which was hotter than the surface of the sun.

funnily enough i'm going back to this place to stay for a weekend in september.
i'll try and overcome my feelings of not belonging before then.

it should be a great weekend anyway... nice and peaceful... no babies or anything...

what ( credit ) ?

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