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Thursday, 11 July 2013

three for thursday.

a departure from my usual style
i bought these bad boys a few weeks ago.
these are stefan janowski skate shoes by nike.
i'm not a fan of the style of shoe but the material used is fantastic.
it's a digi-floral pattern and i'm very much hoping nike utilise it on some af-1's
in the future.

another departure from my usual style...
note to self:
carrying a mobile phone in front trouser pocket is not a good look.

whenever i have a shoot, i always try to come away with at least one nice photo
that is nothing to do with the job i'm being paid to do.
last thursday i was photographing furniture but during a break
i spotted a dog sunbathing.

ok it wasn't lying on a towel with sun cream and a book but to me
it looked like it was sunbathing.
which reminds me...

i need to crack on editing the photos i was there to do and not mess about 
looking at dogs and self-portraits.

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