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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

new footwear alert

three new pairs of glorias arrive in n7 during the past week.

i'll hopefully do some detailed blog posts about them soon, but in the meantime
here's a quick overview.

i don't exactly know the story with these af-1's but they are constructed from very nice soft leather, have amazing insoles and very interesting tongue tabs.

these bad boys are perfect for the summer.
70's converse chuck taylors.
can you see the differences between these and regular chucks ?
sure you can... the extra rubber, the stitching, the eyelets.
but almost as importantly it's the feel of these.
comfortable chucks !

these are going to need a serious post of their own.
they look nothing special like this do they ?
plain grey suede af-1's.


we'll see.

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