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Friday, 19 July 2013

iphone friday

iphone friday

starting off with my favourite iphone feature... the panoramic photo.
this was at lyme regis the other week.
i think the bloke in black on the left is the same bloke that is on the right.
yes... definitely.

still at lyme regis, i tucked into a bag of chips admiring the view in front of me
( the sea and the beach )
behind me i heard the sound of scottish people playing crazy golf
( and swearing a lot )

after the jockeys it was time for dessert.
this was mint and chocolate chip flavour.
it was magic darts.

some stuff i took with me to somerset or wherever it was.

a duck out of water

wilton house near salisbury in wiltshire.
a cracking place.

a green tea sakura kitkat which i decided to scoff the other day.
it was nice enough but i prefer my kitkats to be brown coloured.

grrr !
two of my worst enemies.
seagulls and closed cafes.

comedy biscuits for sale in...
actually this was in devon.

more comedy on display in devon.
classic !

a post-shoot celebratory ice cream.
this was lemon sorbet flavour and was about to drip onto
my new trainers.

more ice cream on display in torquay.

being from warrington it was pretty much the law that i visited torquay
for my holidays every summer.
so going back to shoot there brought back lots of memories for me.
by the way, if you look in the background you can see that torquay
 has it's very own london eye.

what ? are they not called london eyes ?

i wasn't the only deeply welsh person kicking around in torqauy that day.
cymru am byth.

one last iphone pic for the day.

no flags of the world and all that nonsense at torquay.
no... in torquay it's union jacks or nothing.

you beauty !

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