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Tuesday, 9 July 2013


i was shooting in tq6 last friday.
what a blinding little place.

i could have stayed all weekend eating fish and chips and soaking up
the sun, but n7 needed me so i only stayed for a few hours.

i saw these lads bringing in the early morning haul 
this was only a small fraction of the crabbage on board.

they'd already hoiked a load of them into their van before i turned up
looking like a tourist asking if i could take a few photos.
do you like crab ?
i can't say i'm that bothered to be honest.

then again, do you know that place busaba eathai ?
well they do a really good crab fried rice...

... i just thought i'd mention it.

here's my traditional self-portrait at the end of the shoot
as you can see, i'm wearing stüssy spectacles, a t-shirt by headporter plus,
trousers by marc jacobs and the hawaiian shirt patterned converse i showed last week.

i also pulled off my new signature move of roping in a staff member for the final frame.
this is joanie. she pretty much looked after me all morning. tidying up
the restaurant, moving things out of the way, putting things back in place after 
i'd moved them, all while doing her own work and answering phonecalls while
the manager was out.
she even made me a coffee... a flat white.

and on top of all that she wore a tartan apron.


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