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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

and then...

the next day

dressed in black.
stussy x original fake swim shorts.
bape t-shirt
stussy bucket.

taking care not to neglect my sock game.

with some nike dri-fit invisible socks.
( leave it )

teamed up with some liberty x nike blazer lows

and I was good to go.

and where did I go to ?

a coffee shop in phuket old town.
( this was in the afternoon by the way, after I'd changed out of my all black beachwear )

check out what I saw in an old bric-a-brac shop just around the corner from the coffee joint.

various pieces of bric and brac.

did I buy any of them ?

what's your guess ?

oh, I also saw a thai bloke come into a cafe, log onto some website and watch the goals from the arsenal v villa game from the night before.

he just came in, took one minute to watch the goals then walked out.
he looked pretty miserable.
maybe he was a villa fan ?

talking of footy

I saw these stickers on the back windscreen of a car in phuket old town.

I hope they're doing better than man utd at the moment.

anyway, it's beach time for me now.

more nonsense tomorrow.

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