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Monday, 27 January 2014

frozen lime golf ( part one )

at the place i stayed at in phang nga in thailand last week
there was an interesting looking sign on the beach
frozen lime golf.

for a few bob the hotel would give you 5 or 10 frozen limes
and you could ( try to ) hit them into the sea with one of their golf clubs.

what could possibly go wrong ?

the first day i tried, they didn't actually have any frozen limes, so they let me 
try with a room temperature lime.

below is a video off my first attempt.
it's worth noting the confident way i look into the sea to keep my eye on the lime
as it disappears into the distance.

the second time you watch it, i recommend you keep your eyes firmly fixed on the lime.

after this first attempt, i replaced the lime and tried again.

it was around about this time that i realised why they prefer to freeze the limes...
my second drive caught the lime sweetly but also smashed it to pieces
sending lime juice up into my eyes.

 i staggered around blindly waving a 3 wood and using more than a little industrial language.

the hotel bloke promised to freeze some limes for me and let me have another go the next day.

tomorrow i'll show you how i fared.

it couldn't possibly be worse then the above effort could it ?

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