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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

bored ?

am I boring you ?

I really have nothing to show but the place I'm staying at this week.

I'm not going on any sightseeing trips. it's just pics of the aleenta resort at phang nga.

this is the view I see on the way to breakfast.

it's a bit like torquay I suppose.

I say hello to the fish each morning

then walk towards the beach

past the infinity pool

and it's loungers

and onto the beach, where I select a place to spend the day

and apart from showing you pics of me reading or swimming, that's about it really.

well... there is one other activity I've been doing...

no, not that.


the resort has lime golf.

you know what that is right ?

while I leave you to think about it,
here's a photo of me thinking...

what ?

1 comment:

  1. this is a darn sight more interesting than the view out of my office window, thanks for giving us a taste of summer!

    there should be a 'lime golf ryder cup'. extra points for actually getting your lime onto the green intact. real golf is too easy...

    ...and maybe tequila or gin in the 18th hole for sipping at the end of the game? hey there's mileage in this lime golf idea...