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Thursday, 9 January 2014

holiday eve

this is where it's going to get a bit rocky.

i'm off on my holidays tomorrow.

i doubt if i'll have a chance to stack up any posts to publish while i'm away
and i'm not taking a laptop with me so it's going to be iphone blogging for
the next two weeks ( or if you're a northerner, the next fortnight )

and the chances are, iphone blogging means one photo per day.

still, you never know... it might be ok.

in the meantime here's a hastily assembled post for today
before i start packing and thinking about my birthday...

what ?

did i not mention ?

it's my birthday in a few days time.

january 13th to be precise.

what ?

er, anyway
here's a little treat i just had after finishing a big old edit.
it's a shot of ginginha in a chocolate cup.
portuguese genius !

my mate chris sent me this self-portrait from toronto canada ( ay )
check him out wearing one of my n7 beanies in the harsh temperatures.
i think he said it was -20 or something.
top man chris.

talking of limited edition apparel
here's me wearing one of only three queens x n7 long sleeve t-shirts
at the launch of the nike x london underground air max 90's 
a few weeks ago

and here's the queue outside piccadilly circus tube station at 5am that day
cold times in w1

and finally for today
it's a long story.

maybe you can guess what i was doing here ?

maybe not.

any comments welcome ( ish )

until tomorrow then...

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  1. Yo: love the blog, what's the queue for - sneakers?