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Sunday, 19 January 2014

sunday in phang nga

ok I moved to a different resort yesterday.

so before I show you pics, I should tidy up any remaining snaps from cape panwa.

breakfast part one

inferiority part two

ok I should have said breakfast part two but sometimes it's good to say what comes into your head.
right ?

finalhome was back on the beach and back on the beer

asahi again.

in the evening I did what my mum always advised me against...
I played with my food.

representing n7, all day every day.

next morning I wore

bape, comme des garçons and stüssy.

and for breakfast

part one as you can see, I arranged slightly better than the previous day.

part two

standard procedure. ham and cheese omelette, bacon and potatoes.

then I packed, jumped in a cab and headed for phang nga.

on the way I saw a photo of the king looking very cool.

they love their king here. lots of photos of him everywhere.

also on most bus stops there's always a sign in big letters which says "we love our king"

I do like thailand.

anyway, tomorrow I'll show you my new place.

it's not bad.

I suppose.

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