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Thursday, 23 January 2014

same old scene

once again I'm thwarted.

I have some videos of me playing frozen lime golf to show you but for some reason I can't post them from my mobile.

I'll post them when I'm home but in the meantime...

finalhome with a beer

staring daggers at me when I mentioned I might have to take it off him if he kept using industrial language on holiday.

burger and chips ( in the brown paper bag ) at the beach bar

no lettuce, no tomato.

no apologies, no regrets.

and finally for today, as I'm leaving for bangkok

you have no idea of the coffee struggle I'm having here. how many coffees I've sent back with instructions of what I require.
you have no idea how much the staff have grown to like and admire me for my persistence in searching for a flat white or thereabouts.

the above effort is the closest I've had to satisfactory during the five days at the aleenta resort.

I'm not looking forward to leaving this place. it's probably the best beach resort I've ever been to.

but I am looking forward to
having a decent coffee sometime soon.

ok, time to pack.

wish me luck in bangkok...
nothing is going on there that I need to know about... right ?

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