snapshots and observations

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

the new place

what can I say about the new place I'm staying at ?

maybe I should just say that it's not bad.

then you'd understand.

here are a few photos.

that's right. I have a fisheye lens for my iphone camera. the quality as you can see isn't great.
but it's an interesting accessory.

I'm in an ocean view loft here and the room reminds me a lot of whitfield towers.

except this place has a small sun terrace with it's own infinity pool right outside the door.

the sunset and view, ( though not a patch on the view of north london from the newly installed whitfield towers windows ) is pretty good.

though if I'm honest with you, I'm starting to like this place and the view very much indeed and can't say I'm gasping to get back to n7 just yet.

I mean to say... when I go for breakfast at the millennium cafe, they never bring this to my table.

for me to nibble on before a cooked breakfast.

talking of which

eggs ben was pretty good.

as was this one.

which came already looking like a face.

yes, I'd very much recommend the aleenta in phang nga.

maybe I'll tell you more tomorrow.

but as for now, it's time I got up and went for breakfast before hitting a few frozen limes into the ocean with a 3 wood.



  1. I told you years ago about digital being crap and all that. It'll never catch on....