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Tuesday, 7 January 2014


as promised. here are some pics that i was looking at yesterday
just before my friend emailed me about work.

i was in china a couple of years ago with a small team of people.

we were based in beijing but one day we took the "people carrier of shame"
out into the sticks to see a bit of the countryside and to visit a less
touristy section of the great wall.

on the drive to the great wall i spotted some corn piled up by the side of the road
and thought it'd be a good idea to stop and go for a little mooch about
and maybe take some photos in a cornfield or something.

here's the little pile of corn i spotted
do you like corn ?

me neither.

but it's a nice colour, right ?

the team followed me as i walked along a little path and at the end of it was this view
not bad !

although i don't care for corn, i do think it's interesting looking stuff.
i like that you can buy special sticks to hold it
and i also like the way it grows up.
it's quite photogenic if that's the word and it's often seen in films
when you think about it... "north by northwest"
"field of dreams"
maybe some horror films too ?

moving on, i saw this big bike thing
ok bearing in mind i told you i was there with a small team,
what do you think happened next ?

that's right
should i introduce you to the team ?
grrr ! in hindsight i should have put the camera on a timer and sat in the basket 
on the front... don't you think ?

anyway, the line up... from left to right ( nicknames only, you know my style )
the boss's boss, the boss, the chef, the writer.

hmmm, is that nicknames or job titles ?
job titles i guess.

after the above shot we wandered around looking for people to photograph.
it was difficult to spot this chap, what with him being dressed all in camo,
but his bright red belt was a bit of a giveaway.

the writer helped me with this shot
she was on lastolite duty.

and again on this closer up frame
she also did the translating for me as my grasp of the chinese language
is about as good as what my grasp of english is...

( see what i did there ? )

and the writer is the person i was looking at photos of yesterday.
the person who an hour or so later emailed me regarding some
possible work for a magazine.

here she is, taking a break from lastolite and translating duties
it was a good day in sunny china. good times with good people...

and the driver.

did i ever tell you about the driver we had ?

no ?

hmmm... one day... one day i'll tell you about him.
i'll tell you about him when i've forgiven him.

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