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Monday, 6 January 2014


i just got offered a shoot in new york.

today has been a strange day in fact, you know for positive thinking
or is it suggestive thinking ?

i know very little about thinking to be honest so i may be wrong about the
whole situation but here's what happened...

this morning i was thinking about new york and a little while later i got offered a shoot in new york.

then i was looking at some old pics from china, looking for pics to post on my blog in fact.
 no lie, about ten minutes later one of the girls who i was in china with emailed me
with some possible job news.

isn't that strange ?

maybe i should start thinking about winning the lottery ?

then again maybe i should start thinking about buying lottery tickets.

anyway, in celebration of a new york shoot, here are some snapshots
from the last time i was there.

my breakfast of choice in new york.
corned beef hash and eggs.

with a side order of corned beef hash.

what ?

genius !

( ok, i didn't get the side portion... that would be greedy )

my favourite hotel in new york is the hudson.
my favourite facial expression is miserable.

i love coffee but i hate queuing.
so at stumptown coffee roasters at the ace hotel
i am always in a dilemma.
to pass time in the queue i always take a few photos and also put my business cards
in amongst their display postcards...

the coffee is always worth the wait but i drink it with a miserable expression as standard procedure.

i always think this make of dogs are about to speak to me.
do you know what i mean ?

yuck !
all sorts of reject tomatoes.

it's round about now that i'm getting deja vu...
( or did i say that already ? )

have i posted these pics already on my blog ?

oh well...

10 pairs for $20
maybe i'm picking a bad time to enter the sock game ?

did i tell you i'm about to enter the sock game ?

well i am.

some af-1's at flight club...
i think flight club has what the kids would call a "sick selection"

or do kids actually know the word "selection" ?

maybe they'd just say "flight club is sick"

a couple of new york's finest wondering if i just said what they thought i said.

i do like putting on a bit of an accent in new york...
you know, confuse the enemy and all that.

steven at stüssy new york trying to multi-task.
( he's attempting to hold onto finalhome, raise an eyebrow and flick the v's
at the same time )

right, i'm off to think about winning the lottery
or even to think about my next door neighbour being quiet at night.

pics from china tomorrow then.

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  1. Please include me in your thoughts, not all of them mind you. Good job on the NY work, jealous. Those tomatoes look sick. PMA.