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Thursday, 2 January 2014

recent and older iphone pics

my new year blog resolution was going to be 
"less iphone pics"

so after yesterdays gems from the emirates, here are some more photos
from what i used to call "apple's best joke" ... the iphone camera.

but in fairness, the 5s is quite decent.

anyway let's crack on.

a splendid meal i made for myself when i was home alone the other night.
it's turkey, on a bed of chips.
email me for the recipe.

a couple of evenings later it was chip time again.
this time they were neatly arranged on my plate and mingled with some
mini chicken, ham and leek pies.

magic darts !

on monday i took the walk of shame to the n7 delivery office to pay a fine
or import duties on a parcel from the usa.
standard procedure.

in the parcel was a new pair of round the houses for me.
i'll take you for an in depth and close up look at my trousers next week.

amazing view from whitfield towers on new year's eve

well, the view from my lounger looking at the telly was pretty good.

now to some older iphone pics.
this was from a long train journey in november.
all the sandwiches had salad involved so all i could eat was a kitkat.
( perfect )

though the train journey was long and cold, it was pretty entertaining seeing the
beautiful english countryside ( and warrington )

ok... after a while it got pretty boring. there was no wifi on the train,
no phone signal either. it was cold and there was no decent food or coffee.
still, i don't like to moan.

i always have a soft spot for newcastle.
it's a great city... or at least, it was.
last time i visited it looked like it had really met the crunch.
i do hope it makes a bit of a comeback.

doing a spot of window shopping in edinburgh.

i was tempted by the doner pizza,
also by the "braveheart" haggis pizza...

but in the end i played safe and opted for haggis chips and gravy

ok let's go back in time even further.
this was back in mid november i guess. when i was in tokyo.
my first evening's sleep was rubbish as per, and i woke up wide awake around 3am.
as i couldn't get back to sleep i went for a walk around and put up a few n7 stickers.
this one was just around the corner from my hotel.

and this was a couple of minutes further away... as i headed to shibuya.

and again, a few minutes further towards shibuya.
it's the new york mets style blue and orange n7 by the way.

tired and miserable i may have been, but i still couldn't resist a sneaky 

what can i say ? it was about 4.30am and although i wasn't hungry, it was kind of cold
walking around... i spotted a 24 hour mcdonalds and that was that.
somewhere to get warm, have a drink of rubbish coffee and come up with a plan.

after leaving mcdonalds and getting dragged into uniqlo at 5.30am for a
"special sale" i emerged with a £4 black long sleeve heat-tech tshirt and carried
on putting n7 stickers up around and about central shibuya.

around 6am i retired to this place for a sit down and a slightly better coffee than mcdonalds.
it's a great place for people watching. yes that is the famous shibuya crossing. 
the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world.

you know what ? i have loads more iphone pics from tokyo to bore / entertain you with
and i'm off to thailand next week where it might be tricky for me to blog.

so maybe i'll break the pics into little groups and time them to publish while i'm away.

sounds like a plan to me.

until tomorrow then...

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