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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

my birthday boxing day

yes, that's the official title for january 14th.

if you're wondering what I wore on my birthday...

if by any chance you're wondering what I look like in my birthday suit.


thanks for asking, I was wearing a white stüssy x hanes t-shirt, bape lightweight camo shorts and a supreme bucket.

if you're wondering what I ate on my birthday and where I consumed the predictable snack...

I had chips and I ate them on the beach. I know it looks like torquay but trust me, I'm in phuket.

also if you're wondering what I had to drink on my birthday and who I was drinking with...

that's right.

as you can probably see from the above photo, the temperature here is...

I know what you're thinking... how come there's no self-portrait yet.


that's the best I can do I'm afraid.

then again, is there a self-timer on the iphone ?

let me have a looky.
maybe tomorrow I'll be able to delight you with a proper effort.

then again. maybe I'll spare you.

how's the weather in the uk by the way ?

what ?

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  1. The weather here is like every girlfriend I've ever had, cold and wet. Glad you had a good day buddy!