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Sunday, 26 January 2014

some more iphone pics from thailand

this bowl of chillies on a roadside cafe table caught my eye as I was striding towards my hotel in bangkok.
such intense rich colours... also the colours of the national flag of thailand.

in my hotel on 24th I finally managed to get a decent coffee. the first one I'd had since leaving london on 10th jan

it was quickly followed by a second and third.
this was in turn followed by me getting the right old hattie jacques.

breakfast at the metropolitan bangkok was pretty decent.

bacon, poached eggs, sausage, potato cakes and some sort of green stuff.

oh hello mr breakfast !

it's been a while since I've made a mr breakfast right ?

for breakfast pudding I had this

pineapple and lime.
I was tempted to make a fruit face but in the end I only really liked the pineapple so I had to just make a pattern.

after breakfast I knocked out a quick self-portrait while I was waiting for the lift

as you can see, my hair was all over the shop but I was in a happy mood as I was debuting a new n7 tshirt. black with glow in the dark logo.

after sorting my barnet out

I took this photo of a nice towel in my hotel room.
great "m" don't you think ?


I headed out to see the protesters and to do a little shopping.
the protesters were on good form. very friendly and peaceful.
most of them seemed to be flogging tshirts and what-not to raise money for the cause ( I suppose )

a lot of the streets were closed to traffic and the protesters made the most of this by setting up stalls everywhere

mainly they sold red white and blue things.

but also some pink stuff

( no idea )

naturally enough I went in search of sneakers

but in a shock move, I didn't buy any.

I also didn't buy any

durian snacks.

grrr !

in the siam centre I went to the gents.
it had a great sign outside

I mean... that's perfect isn't it ?
best gents sign I've seen in ages.

not sure about this sign inside though...


not sure about these shoes in marc jacobs either

sad faces on shoes is a no-no into book.

also a no-no

sock companies diversifying into notebooks and wallets ?

no, no, no.

after two days in bangkok and two weeks away from home, it was time to pack...

carry on essentials

then a lot of hanging around at the airport

with the eva air crew

and twelve hours later

I was as close to the o2 as I've ever been.

then a cab to n7 and to bed.

the end.

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