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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

wednesday legs

it seems a while since i bored you with details of my trainers or sneakers
whatever you call them.

as you know, i'm a big fan of the nike af-1

a few weeks ago i picked up these bad boys from ebay for an absolute steal.
baltimore cloverdale park editions.
the materials used, or rather the leather used is not great
but they were cheap as you like and they do have some nice details.

my favourite detail is the big lace loop
with that cloverdale park logoprinted onto it.
top notch !
i wonder why nike don't do more like this ? it's a great detail.

they also have this on the heel tabs instead of the usual nike / air / swoosh
is that the area code for baltimore ?
who knows... anyway it's a tasty change and a subtle detail which i like.

the insoles of both shoes have something special printed on them too.
rather than the standard nike / air / swoosh nonsense
one has this
cloverdale park logo

and the other has...
a few words about cloverdale park.

all in all these shoes are a great addition to my collection.

i may even take them with me on friday.

did i mention where i'm going to on friday ?

did i even mention what a special day 13th january is ?

oh dear...

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