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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

camo tuesday and what not

early start for me today.

i was up to leicester at 6am.

the good thing about getting up so early is that it's possible to cram two breakfasts
into my schedule.

more on that subject tomorrow.

to be cracking on with though, here are a few picks from my desktop.

a fine #camotuesday entry from mrs w.

you're all on instagram right ?

some comme des garçons x nike blazer lows i picked up in tokyo
the other week.

a bit boring looking from a distance perhaps,
but the details on these are on point.

i'll show you later in the week.

talking of details...
what the what ?!
stance socks with built in sock-glue on the inside of the cuff.
to keep your socks from falling down.

more camo.
canvas bapestas.
another essential purchase from when i was in tokyo a little while ago.

and finally.
maybe i should have saved this photo until friday.

but i couldn't be bothered with all that july 4th nonsense
( see what i did there ? )

so let's show it today to show my support for usa v belgium instead.

because i do like a bit of football.
( see what i did there ? )

i'll be honest with you... i think it's only me who's seeing what i'm doing sometimes.

however, if you too spotted my englishness over american-ness there,
by all means chip in with a comment.

i'll probably send a small price to one of you
( if more than one person sees what i did there )

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