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Friday, 25 July 2014

wednesday week

on wednesday i had a shoot in stokey

the place i was supposed to photograph wasn't ready for me at the arranged
time so myself and robocat went off for a coffee and a cake.

here we are
the lady who took the photo said "smile"
let's be honest, that was never going to happen.

this is what we had. well she had a dalston cola 
( which she couldn't drink )
and i had a flat white ( allegedly )
and we shared three marshmallows.
the one on the left was made from the same tough plastic as the tray
but the other two were nice.

here's a photo i did of robocat when we got back to the restaurant.
it still wasn't ready for us but we busied ourselves taking photos of each other.
did i tell you she's leaving london by the way ?
this was her last week in the uk because she is off to live in shanghai from
friday ( which is today )

in fact she just sent me a photo from her seat on the plane, but seeing as i'm running a few  days behind with this blog it'll be a while tip i show it to you.

er... anyway, this was at the time i thought, the last kind of portrait of her i would do.

after a while we set to work
or rather i started working while she flounced around with my lastolite

oh... here she is doing a decent little job though
stopping the sunlight from flooding through onto the table i was shooting.
good girl !

she was wearing a chain mail kind of dress by the way.
and it was maybe the hottest day of the year.
good girl.

after the shoot i spotted a nice wall on the walk back to the car,
so we decided to shoot what would surely be our last photos together
before she left for china.
i thought this frame was ok but i didn't like the way she was treating finalhome

that's better.

good girl.

then we went our separate ways and i figured i'd never see her again.

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