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Thursday, 24 July 2014

catching up

it seems i have some catching up to do.

last friday i went to the away for a few days.
since returning i haven't been very well.

not well enough to blog ?

well... i've been busy and unwell.

anyway, let's start to play catch-up.

this can be last friday's post.

last friday i...

packed my essentials for a trip to an exotic overseas tropical island

the final leg of the journey was by ferry.
it was great for people watching.
and dog watching.

lots of interesting looking people

and dogs

i tried to zoom in on this bloke's tattoos.
they were pretty impressive

take a look at this guy

once again i tried to use the iphone's zoom to check out this lad's sock game.
incredible scenes.

team whitfield sock game was on point.
as was the chocolate caramel slice

i saw these two nans on the ferry. they were sharing a flask of tea and discussing some rave they were dj-ing at later that night.
their bucket game was serious as you can see.

nice hotel.

well, it would have been if it was a hotel.

one of those lads from the lion king

me, enjoying the sunshine on the beautiful sandy beach as the waves come crashing to shore...


a closer look at my footwear of choice last friday.
liberty x nike air max 1's.
canvas trim, string laces, gum outsole and that hit of orange.
what's not to like ?

( apart from my grammar and punctuation )

final pic from last friday.
when we sat down for our evening meal at the restaurant, the knives and forks were set like this.
i didn't know if that was how they did it on the island or if it was a mistake.

so we sat there wanting to switch them around but wondering if we'd get admonished for doing so.
for fear of looking like tourists we actually ate our meal with knives and forks in the wrong hands.

true story.

ok, it's a lie.

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