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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

saturday by phone

on saturday i met mrs w at a certain coffee shop in soho.

i spent a lot of time people watching while i was there. mainly keeping
an eye on the sock situation.

one of the waitresses had a good look
nice apron too.

as for my footwear
i debuted these bad boys
they are a rio edition wf-1 mid
though my friend robo-cat said they look like minecraft.

i had a cracking flat white
which really hit the spot.

so i did a shot for my friend coolbeancake
who has an instagram thing going called

then i invited mrs w into frame
as her sneaker game was strong too.

after a disappointing lime drizzle cake we moved over to liberty to buy 
some presents for... it's a long story.

on the top floor at liberty i saw this poster which i was thinking about buying
for la niƱa and maybe fixing it on her bedroom ceiling while she's asleep.

it would be a great thing to see when you first open your eyes in the morning.

right ?

in liberty i went into the fabric department and bought a couple of metres of this.
woah !

not bad !

a new camp material from liberty
limited edition too
it's fantastic.

in january i'll show you want i've made with it.

yes... january.

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