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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

welcome to the velodrome

yesterday i went to that velodrome thing
i took this pic with my phone

and my friend m1 took this of me with my phone and a fisheye lens
sure the building looks great but in hindsight, he could have crouched down so i 
didn't look like the half-man from game of thrones.

i took this effort with a proper camera
not a heap of difference when it's scaled down to blog size really.
anyway, it's a corking building

inside my friend m1 and his son big 'o' went for whatever it's called lessons
i was up by the cafe having a sketchy flat white and a surprisingly nice
breakfast muffin.

i did make an attempt at being interested
when they came out onto the track
plus i'd finished my muffin by this stage.

m1 leading the way

and coming up high on the bank

it looked like such a fun thing to do.
so i asked if i can have a go next time.

what can possibly go wrong ?

then again i remembered yesterday when was the last time i actually rode a bike...

it was the day of princess diana's funeral !

like i said... what can possibly go wrong ?

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