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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

chance meeting with robocat

the day after my last shoot with robocat i was in a meeting in town
when she sent me a photo message of her eating a hotdog and drinking champagne.

i realised she was at a place called bubble dogs which was seriously a two minute walk from 
the coffee shop i was in so i asked her to swing over and meet my friend.

after exchanging pleasantries i took this photo of the three of us
i'll leave you to figure out which one is my mate keith and which one is robocat.

i decided to take a last phone portrait of her
she was full of herself having just bought an "awesome" new cap

it cracked me up a little because of it having the word "lucky" on it
napoleon dynamite... right ?

after a couple of minutes cracking about in the heat we retired to a pub
where i bought her one final pint.

then we posed for one final photo together.
london will be a little bit poorer for her leaving.

she was quite a character.

she flew back to china the next day.

bye bye robocat

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