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Friday, 25 July 2014

last saturday

last saturday

i spotted this mosaic version of the ferry crossing to the island i was on the day before
what ?

myself and mrs w found a belting coffee shop called po41 ( i think )
it used to be a post office until a few weeks ago, now it's a cracking coffee shop.
like one you'd discover in new york or in london's soho.

when my friend goober jeff says somebody is 'mutton' it means 'deaf'

i knew that mutton jeff meant deaf, but i never knew it was actually mutt and jeff

this looks fair enough.
me doing my signature n7 pose on a fence
but it was actually a right old wobbly bit of kit and i kept falling off before i could hold my pose.
this was perhaps my 5th attempt.

this one was easier

this one was somewhere between the two

and finally, this one 
genius !

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