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Monday, 7 July 2014

more iphone nonsense for monday

like the title says.

in niketown admiring the footy shirts before the world cup started

nice details / nike details.

doing my traditional walk of shame to the corner shop on a sunday morning.
it's something of a tradition that i forget to buy something and have to 
take a second trip.

raspberries, blueberries, yoghurt and bagels.
looks like my trademark move of forgetting the milk.

me cago en la leche !

trying to find new ways of photographing my sneakers.
obviously to passers by i look like a complete idiot sitting on a park bench
with my legs in the air and my phone out taking photos but in reality...

a little while later in the bull and last getting ready for the pub quiz.
team n7 wearing converse.

the start of another breakfast at the towers

stage 2.
greek honey and welsh yoghurt.
this is boss behaviour by the way.

some new socks
flash off

some new socks 
flash on.

nike footy action
team foot patrol taking charge

more action

teaching young billythehitman to do the n7 pose.

wristband / watch combo for the event.

i met up with robo-cat a few weeks ago.
she had a gift for me.
a painting she did of my favourite subject.

outstanding !

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