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Friday, 11 July 2014

friday. meat, moss and aran.

for my dinner last night i had this
( or if you're reading up north, for my tea last night i had this )

three big burgers on a bed of paprika coated chips.

no salad, no vegetables.

no apologies, no regrets.

my views on kate moss have been well established over the years
but i will say something for her, she's in a very good video.
have a butchers...

oh, it's what you might call nsfw and all that

trust me, if you know me you'll know how i feel about moss so this isn't supposed to 
be me saying check out this raunchy video. 
it's really about me liking the style of the video, especially the editing and the spooky
soundtrack. it's very 'twin peaks'-ish or david lynch-esque don't you think ?

it's a crying shame that kate moss is in it but oh well.

moving onto something cleaner than kate moss,
have a look at my new almonds
of course there's a long story involved, but i'll save it for another time.

oh and here are some new sneakers of mine
i know, right ?
made from aran wool.

like jumpers for your feet.
or my feet anyway.

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