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Monday, 14 July 2014

iphone monday

yes really iphone monday

first up, some photos i took of tourists outside the british museum a month or so back.

fair play to them

ooops ! 
i think they spotted me.
but when i'm spotted doing things like this, 
what i tend to do is...

keep taking more photos until i'm happy that i've got a nice pic.
these are all phone pics by the way, and it was a dull, rainy day.

the british museum is not only a cracking place to look around inside,
it's also great for people watching outside.

these tourists are breaking the law by not making 'peace' signs with their fingers.

i was thinking about sneaking into this shot to be honest

i really like it when tourists ask me if i'd mind taking a photo of them with their camera.
unfortunately it rarely happens to me.
probably on account of me looking so miserable.

i was standing chatting next to this bloke and the girl came up and asked him to take a photo. she pretty much stone-walled me and just asked him.
even though i'm a photographer and he's a hairdresser, she still chose him.
grrr !
personally i would have crouched down a little but apart from that i think he did a good job.
he had her smiling anyway.

and why didn't this couple ask me ?
this bloke is definitely looking down on them too much.

that's more like it.
crouch down low to get the impressive building and a bit of sky in the background.

i'm going to pack in now but yes there are more phone pics tomorrow.
all from the country where i spotted this sign.
that's right...

wales !

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