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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

the snack shoppe.

yesterday i was up in the midlands.

i was in castle donington in fact and guess what ?

i found a gem of a place to eat.

i'm not exactly sure, but i believe it may be the last food shop before donington park.

it's a very sweet looking little joint at the end of the high street
in spite of the shocking use of capital letters and the mis-spelling of the word "shop"
i decided to go in and order up some sort of n7 approved snack.

hmmm this photo doesn't really do the interior any justice.
it's a really stylish little place with seating inside and outside.
very clean ( i was the dirtiest thing in there ) and with a menu as long
as you like.

i had a good look at the food on offer. the girl behind the counter tried to tempt me 
with her baps but i resisted and opted instead for breakfast in a tray.

there were lots of breakfast combos including a ten item breakfast for £4.00

the girl working there told me about a bloke who comes in and orders a 20 item
breakfast, which at first i took that as a challenge and gave consideration to making 
an attempt on a 21 item breakfast...

but then i decided to act my age... or rather the age i tell people i am and instead
opted for a 5 item special.
black pudding, bacon, sausage, egg and toast.

while it was cooking and i was taking photos, i pondered outloud what the heck
a twenty item breakfast consisted of.
the girl who was in charge of my breakfast adopted a sympathetic pose as she listened
to me saying " well, it'd have to six rashers of bacon, four sausages, black pudding, a couple of fried eggs, baked beans, hash browns, fried bread, toast, mushrooms, tomatoes
and a twix on top"
she nodded in agreement as the lady in the background glanced anxiously out of the
window to see if the police were arriving.

after a few minutes i was escorted to my table and presented with my 5 item tray
it was magic darts !

genius bacon, proper decent sausage, black pudding and a fried egg on a bed of toast.
all in a tray and served with a smile for £2.00

handsome !

afterwards the two people working there insisted on having their photo taken with me.
i'm notoriously shy but after 20 minutes or so of them begging me,
i reluctantly agreed to pose up and smile.
well... what did you expect ?

in conclusion... if you're ever in the area, and even if you're not in the area then i recommend you drive out of your way and go there anyway.

check out the snack shoppe.

it's located at:
6 high street, castle donington, de74 2pp

outstanding food at a great price in a cracking location.

two thumbs up from n7.

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