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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

final pics i promise

oops, i just found what will be the last pics of robocat, i promise.

the previous efforts were phone pics. these are from my gx1

so this is from when we did the shoot together. i think it was last wednesday.
in a shock move she had some sort of trainers on.

in a non-shock move, so did i.


no idea what's going on, but sometimes i like pics when the subject isn't looking 
at the camera.

we were just about to do a shot of our shoe battle when her dress blew up in a gust of wind.

ever the gentleman, i tried to take a photo... but i was too slow.

what ? don't judge me !

and finally... 
one last chance for me to say
"i'm the one on the right"

bye bye robocat

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