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Monday, 14 July 2014

iphone sunday

more iphone nonsense

some iphone screen grabs today.
as you may know, i'm quite into instagram these days.
if you're not yet on it i seriously recommend you give it a go.

and if you liked my blog the way it used to be you should really follow

anyway, instagram is a great place to skulk around in while you're having a coffee.
you find the strangest things while searching.

one fell i've found has some amazing food dishes.
not all of them are up my street
( he often has sprouts, sweetcorn and mushrooms in his photos )
but here are three meals i really like of his.

two burgers and four sausages on a bap ?
what a great little snack to have in-between meals.

egg and bacon on top of lasagne, with toast ?

that's breakfast sorted.

the potato cakes on the side are the clinching touch here.

anyway, you might want to follow me
but you may also want to keep an eye on @weasteman

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