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Sunday, 13 July 2014

iphone saturday

i have a whole heap of old iphone photos to get through before
i return to normal blogging so let's crack on with a few today and more tomorrow.

let's start with this little snack i put together one evening when i was left home alone.
if anybody wants the recipe and instructions just drop me an email.

it was so long ago i almost forgot where this place was.
but it was during a recce i did for an event in september.
it's to do with socks by the way.

it's an interesting venue right ?
what a great place to come visit and to buy some socks.
see you in september.

spanish socks, japanese jeans

we the north !

n7 summer '14 t-shirts.
white with orange logo.
i still have a few left if anybody is interested

get 'em while they're hot, they're lovely !

and a few of these too.

they all come with free stickers.
what's not to like ?

me looking, well... looking miserable i suppose.
i think this was at tate britain.

some satisfied customers with their new n7 apparel.

oh !

limited edition heather grey n7 tees with glow-in-the-dark logo.


a bee messing about on some sort of flower in regent's park

kfc starfish in china somewhere.

the mess my team and i left in the kfc after our post near death experience.

new welsh / japanese jeans with 70's converse chucks and camo socks.

an old pic i found of finalhome.

a very well dressed chap i know.
( he's from n7 by the way )

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