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Sunday, 6 July 2014

iphone photo catch-up

it must be ages since i showed you some iphone photos because
i just looked through my folder and this was the first pic.
my htm flyknits on a bus weeks and weeks ago.

and this
same day, in the early evening at the bull and last

lamb pastillas at the bull and last.
genius !

a new iphone cover with three lenses and battery light

and a table top tripod for my iphone.

testing out the fisheye lens at whitfield towers.

throwing out some boxes.
i thought a new telly was a good idea so i could follow england's progress
to the world cup final.
funnily enough my next door neighbour bought the same model but with a 60 inch
screen a couple of days before the world cup so she could cheer italy on.

a new sticker to add to my collection

my jam jar parked outside la niƱa's new place

some nonsense in my car. an air freshener and a sock club london key tab

somebody i've never met sent me this camp fitted cap.
maybe i'll debut in on #camotuesday

my sock game on a new routemaster.

it seems like every saturday i see a hen weekend in the west end.
great stuff.

tourists taking a break after shopping at primark.

this is how ocd or fascinated by details i have become.
i was in a store in mayfair a couple of weeks ago and i spent ages admiring and
photographing the hinges on the changing room doors.
honestly, you had to be there and run your fingers over the hinge and the door.
absolute perfection.

inside the changing room wasn't quite so perfect

holding hands with the mannequin.

don't ask.

and finally
noting that reebok liked my instagram post where i slated reeboks .

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