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Friday, 15 June 2012

behind the scenes... ( plug rant included )

behind the scenes is probably not the right title.

these are just three photos i took while i was waiting for the lampshades
to be hung properly on location near kings cross the other week.

some fantastic lighting flex. i didn't know you could get it in all those colours.
the two different shades of red were good, as was the green and the lilac,
but best of all i liked the hi-vis orange lighting flex... genius !

a lightbulb resting in a glazed ceramic bowl

er... a plug.
but it's not just a plug is it ?

have you ever travelled to the usa or to asia ?
even in europe ?
have you ever had problems plugging in electrical items and suddenly it dawns
on you... not only do we live in the greatest country in the world ( fact )
but more importantly, we have the best designed plugs in the world.

3 pins. it's quite simple... 3 pins are better than two. our plugs don't fall out.

make a stool with two legs it'll fall over. make one with three legs it'll stand.

try balancing a camera on a two legged device. it'll fall over.
put it on a tripod and you're laughing.

sure, we're no good at football anymore, 
but we have the best designed plugs in the world !

salute !


  1. mark, you are absolutely correct - our plugs are the best in the world. i have revised the top five list of 'things the brits do best' accordingly...

    1. The Queen (use of capital letters allowed here i'm afraid)
    2. the red arrows
    3. bacon sandwiches
    4. mug of tea (so i am told)
    5. cheese and onion crisps
    6. music
    7. the bbc
    8. countryside
    9. scotch eggs
    10. plugs (new entry)

  2. started as five and soon ended up as ten...