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Saturday, 16 June 2012

careful man, there's a beverage here...

in the middle of a shoot the other day i had to take a break for an important 
event... a beer delivery.

me gusto cerveza ( as we used to say in chile back in '98 )
so rather than ponce about on my phone or chat to the client during the 
break, i decided to keep my eye on the beer and to watch the skillful
way the beer blokes delivered it to the cellar.

their timing was fantastic. i swear they never had to pause once as one by one,
50 boxes of peroni were dropped down onto a cushion from ground level
and picked up and stacked by a lad down in the cellar.



they way they threw the beer around reminded me of the line in 
'the big lebowski'

well... kind of

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