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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

the postman always rings thrice*

the postman played a blinder at whitfield towers last week.
three pieces of new kit i'd ordered just a couple of days earlier

and here's the reveal.
well... a reveal of the boxes anyway.
( planning ahead for my end of year "i must reach 1000 posts" routine, i'll 
reveal what's inside the boxes in another post later in the week )

in the meantime, here's a closer look at the boxes ( seriously )
a leica 45mm 2.8 macro lens ( which will play as a 90mm macro )

the new and improved electronic viewfinder

and finally
a successor to the gf1.
the lumix gx1

* if you were wondering about the word "thrice"

according to wiktionary: 
"unlike 'once' and 'twice', thrice is somewhat dated, often used for a comical
or intentionally archaic effect.
'three times' is the more standard usage"

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