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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

zebedee helm

in a pub in wiltshire a couple of weeks ago i spotted a very nice piece of art
the birds of wiltshire by zebedee helm

i liked the blue tit very much
i like the way he walks

i was also very taken with the blackbird
i think it would make a nice print by itself.
or failing that it would make a corking tattoo.

zebedee also illustrated the postcards which kind of show how to get to the pub

all in all, i was very taken with his stuff so i had a little look on his website.

i very much recommend you have a butchers at it. particularly the cartoon section.

he also has a blog... not as prolific as some i know, but a whole lot better written... 
what ?

i lifted a couple of images from his website. i hope he doesn't mind but i only
'borrowed' them to illustrate this post and to recommend you good art lovers out 
there go and buy something from him anyway.

woah... not bad !
combining two of my loves. fonts and blackbirds. 
( that's my late birthday present sorted )

zebedee's take on the iconic athena tennis poster which he did for the lady
magazine to commemorate 150 years of women's tennis or some such.

to cut a long story short. i am a fan of zebedee's work and if you
have a few minutes take a look at his cartoon section and maybe treat yourself.
there are some great pieces for sale and some of them are laugh outloud 
funny too.

talking of funny, i only realised a few minutes ago that zebedee is the artist my
friend simon told me about a few years ago...

the story goes that he was maybe a little tipsy at an auction one night and
accidentally bid £6000 for a painting by a child.
to try and earn money to pay for the painting ( which he couldn't afford )
... oh it's a long story. i think he touches on it on his website in the 'history'

look, buy and tell him i sent you !

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