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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

flat white at present

whenever i travel to 1948, i always end up in present.

( grrr ! there's nearly a poor time-travel based gag there )

for those who don't know, '1948' is a very special nike shop
and 'present' is a fantastic men's clothing / accessories shop
just around the corner. present also has a cracking coffee machine 
and a barista based there... i wonder if any shop in say n1 would like
to try that little idea out for size ? hmmm...

anyway, the coffee machine at present is an absolute belter.
what would you call the surface ? it's like chrome that's been hit with a little hammer
loads of times. oh and what a great badge on the front of it too.

the baristas are always friendly at present ( no time related gag intended )
and usually take time to chat about coffee, cameras and how the weather
in australia is better than the weather in england...

what ?

moving on, here's a shot of my flat white
take-away cups only for obvious reasons.

if you're ever out east...

1 comment:

  1. I'd call that surface "hammered chrome"